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Friday, June 19, 2009

A new bag (again...)

It seems to have been a while since there was any quilt related posts on my blog- so it's about time!
Tomorrow is QUIP- Quilt in public day, and our guild- Fjellquilten is having a bag exhibition in Alvdal called "100 bags and a quilt". At our guild meet a month ago one of the very talented ladies brought a couple of new sweet bags to show us, and they were just ADORABLE! She found the tutorial on a new to me Swedish blog, Lappeklipp . And of course the rest of us decided we would give the bag a try at our next meeting, so we found the blog, carefully read the instructions and made this sweet little purse. It was amazing to see how different the purses turned out with different fabrics and quilting. I will get more pictures and show you.
Well, after work today I'mm heading to lvdal to help hang all those bags.... For those of you who live close by, please come see us tomorrow- Alvdal is celebrating midsummerdays, so there will be lots of stuff going on there!

On another note, today is the kids last day of school before summer vacation- boy are they excited! Kristine is leaving for Liverpool with her marching band on Sunday so she's really excited!

Take care :-)


  1. Love it! I am eager to see all the bags hanging on display! Happy Summer to your kiddos, what a great feeling the last day of school is.

  2. Wish you all were coming here again this summer, Faith would love it as well as me!!!Look forward to seeing all the bags. Have a good weekend. Hugs, Marie

  3. En utmerkelse ligger og venter på deg på min blogg.

  4. Gorgeous bag! Love teh sound of Quilt in Public day - hop eyou get a great response! Enjoy the summer holidays - we start our two week winter holidays in another two weeks!


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