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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A finished bag, and work to do....

Yeeey, I finished my project bag! This is so big I can fit a cutting mat and ruler inside it, and a whole quilt I think! Perfect for quilt classes :) The kids asked if I really needed a bag THAT big.... well, yes, I do... one in every size thank you very much!

Here is a pile of bad consciousness.... BOM's and pincushion club packages that I haven't finished.... And to add to the trauma, I never got around to order the finishing kit from the Fat Quarter shop, for the 2008 BOM and now they are sold out.... what am I going to do???? All suggestions are more than welcome!!! Kristine and I are home all by our selves until tomorrow when we head up to the cabin, and I am planning on staying in the sewing room finishing as many blocks as I can, the kid is not into keeping Mom company, she's in her room on the computer, which is fine by me as long as I get some sewing time :) So I'm off to the sewing room, I took a few pictures in there before work today, and used Canon's photo stitch to get a panorama 360 view of the room- it really looks like it need some TLC and a makeover....

Have a great evening, and please come back later to see my progress on those blocks...


  1. GREAT bag! Re the finishing kit that you can't get, perhaps if you list the things needed on your blog, readers may have some / all which they could share with you. There's also quiltshops.com where you can do a search in the group of over 200 online shops; you perhaps could find the same items although it would be in pieces again, not an actual kit. Best wishes on finding something that works. Have a nice time at the cabin.

  2. I love the panorama shot of your room... couldn't help but notice the DEEP SNOW outside the window, either! Is there fabric available in the line you have for the kits so that you can do an alternate finish? I love the bag, it's impossible to have one too big, isn't it?

  3. I love your new bag. I could never get too many bags,and they're always full when I go to quilt meetings. Love Jofrid

  4. Your new bag is fabulous! And a big bag comes in handy! Congratulations on finishing it!

    Oh, it's so good to see others also have a bunch of packs that should have been finished! Makes me feel a tiny bit better about mine ;o)

    Your BOM-problem... If I were you, I'd pull out paper and pencil (EQ?) and sketch a setting for your 12 blocks! You'll have a unique quilt! If you want to stick to the one fabric range, it's still available through lots of online shops.

    Great shot of your sewing room!
    Have a wonderful time at the cabin! and a very happy Easter!

    Hugs and stitches

  5. Your blog has a lovely Easter outfit!
    That BIG bag is gorgeous!

    Almost all my pin-cushion club packages are in a stash too... and other stuff as well. You’re not the only one...!

  6. I have an almost identical pile of unfinished and untouched bags.
    I ordered the finishing kit and decided I wanted a different colour so if you like we can do a swap and I can send you mine. You would jut have to try and get 1 1/2 yards of the red background with browny/gold dot for the sashing and 5/8 yard for the binding (they used the blue with the bias stripe on it but the outer border is green so I did not like the blue for there.

  7. oops sent that from my husband's account, please reply to this one.


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