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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What a weekend!

Actually, this amazing weekend was almost a month ago.... I was so lucky to have AnnAKa come and have a weekend class at the shop. 17 excited ladies showed up Friday evening ready for a weekend of fun sewing and learning. Ann is the sweetest teacher- she is so talented, and everyone was just in awe. She taught a class making different bags and purses using a special "shrinking fabric" to make really neat embellishments, and we all had to dig through our jewelry boxes and button boxes to find hidden treasures to use as embellishments. Oh my, the weekend was just amazing- we all had a ball!

This is one of the bags Ann brought to show us how it could be done- Isn't it the cutest thing?

Everyone was hard at work all weekend long.....

And here are the other sixteen ladies with their bags, AnnAKa is in the front row on the right side with a white bag on her arm.
Thank you to all who participated this weekend, and a big Thank you to Ann who came all the way to Tynset!
I want to wish everyone in the States a very Happy Thanksgiving!
And PS. I have mailed out my SSCS parcel... sometime soon someone very special will find it in her mailbox!


  1. What a great weekend you all must have had - if you remember Anne it was through my query about AnnKa's patterns and if they could be bought in english that we first communicated via the net - gosh that was well over a year ago - doesn't time fly by - how's the shop transfer going? I hope you've go things organised and plently of customers - I look forward to when you get a change to share your works regularily on you blog again - we have been missing you

  2. Oh this looks like it was so much fun! Those bags look gorgeous.

  3. That bag is amazing! Such wonderful craftsmanship! Just beautiful


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