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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Sigve is enjoying some air...

I'm not sure if this is Snipp or Snapp... She's loving the sunshine though!

Spring is finally here! Today I've been working in the yard, raking old leaves and digging in my flowerbeds. The boys have been on the trampoline all day, and Kini has helped me, and she's been aroung taking pictures, so these are all her shots taken today. It feels so good now all the snow is gone from the yard, it's still really wet, so I couldn't rake all around, but at least I got started. The bunnies seemed to have a great day as well, they laid out in the sun and slept most of the day- must be nice! I washed some fabrics for backings today along with summer curtains for the kitchen windows- I love it when I can hang my laundry outside to dry in the fresh air.
My chives have already grown quite a bit- they are the first to start growing when the snow melts.
Well folks, that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed Kini's shots - she took 205 pictures, so there are plenty more..... Have a great evening, and thank you for visiting.


  1. Thanks for sharing your great week-end. Your son looks very happy playing and that sweet bunny wow so many pleasures you are having this time of year. I too love to hang out the laundry it always seems so much fresher.Have a blessed week.

  2. I'm enjoying all your photos!

  3. I agree with the bunny- I wish I could laze about in the sun like a furry little thing. I am impressed with that shot of your son- great air!

  4. What great photos! The bunny and your son both look very happy with the sunshine as does your washing!!

  5. Hello Anne,

    Just stumbled across your blog. I loved your blog!!! Is it okay for me to add you to my blogroll?

    I am a quilter myself. I also like your work!! Good job!

  6. Hi Anne,be a joy to look at your photos, thank you for dividing with us your joy!Have a great days

  7. Wonderful pictures, love the one of your son jumping so high! We all should lay down in the sun and take a nap...maybe the bunny has the best idea!

  8. Great photos - the one of your son is so wonderful. Bunny looks quite happy also. Great post!


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