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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Block night

Ok, so no one has time to look up and smile for the picture... My wonderful Mom is closest to the camera.

Monday was block night at the shop, and we initiated the new classroom. Up until now I've had all the classes inside the shop, but it gets really crowded and I have to move everything around before and after classes, so I am very pleased to have a separate room downstairs for classes now. This month we sewed the Bear's Paw block. All six ladies liked the block, and I think they all did a wonderful job. My mom found this picture of me, and I just HAD to share it. I was 5 years old here, and it looks like I was really concentrating on whatever I was sewing. It was probably something for one of my dolls...
And look what arrived the other day- Lovely cards from the talented Donna over at Chookyblue. She takes wonderful photos, and sells these cards- aren't they lovely? Go see her if you haven't already! Also Marie has some lovely pictures of orphan quilts that her church group has made, they are now ready to be shipped to Mongolia. I am sure the recepients will cherish these wonderful quilts. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful last day of April!


  1. Very intent quilters.Love the picure of you sewing. Those cards are beautiful.Thanks for mentioning our Orphan quilts, we are thrilled with the results. Next project I think will be baby quilts.Blessings to you and your family

  2. That is such a great picture of you at the sewing machine :)) I was like you - sewing clothes for my dolls when I was very young. I wonder if my mum has any pictures - I will have to ask.

    Your class of quilters look very involved with there sewing - they have done a good job.

  3. Great blocks! But no wonder anyone takes the time to look up for the picture, with all those HSTs :o)

    Love the picture of you sewing. You know I think that Husquarna is the same as I inherited from my great grandmother - we keep it at the summer house :o)

    Donna's cards are beautiful!
    Take care! Hugs...

  4. What a great photo of you at the sewing machine. So intent on what you were making, yet having so much fun I bet.

  5. I remember this Husqvarna, I had one myself in the late 70ies...Funny picture. I envy your block evenings, it must be fun.

  6. the sewers all look very busy..........love the photo of you concentrating so hard......and so pleased the cards arrived safe and sound.......hopefully my stuff in in the mail today........

  7. This blog reminds me of my
    grandmother. She was a great
    lady. thanks

    Terry Finley


  8. I think I saw a used version of that very same orange Husqvarna for sale here in Vaasa this weekend!


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