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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new finish!

I got a lovely comment from Anne today,she has awarded me the "you make my day" award, and by doing just that she really made MY day! Thank you Anne- you make my day too. And so do all of you out there in blogland, I am so happy to have found this "world". There is nothing that can cheer you up like a trip around the world by reading wonderful blogs and getting to know wonderful people. I would like to nominate all of you, You truly make my day!

Have you been waiting for the finish of my last project? I love this new pattern from AnnAKa. It reminds me of the doll my mom brought me back from a trip to Russia many many years ago. The pattern is for two tablerunners- this is the largest one. On the smaller one there are three dolls.

This week has been busy, kids are back in school and back to dance lessons, skiing and twirling lessons. It is really nice to have my big girl back home. She's been jet lagged, getting up at 5AM, but the last two days she's been sleeping until 7AM which is normal- next week I'll probably have to drag her out of bed in the morning again... She had a wonderful time in Texas, and came home with lots of new clothes and goodies from her dad and stepmom. Nothing like getting spoiled for three weeks :-) She brought me this wonderful quilt calendar, it has such pretty quilts I might have to consider making one of them...
Thank you for reading- I truly appreciate all your comments!


  1. Anne Heidi,
    I got the same Quilt calendar that you show from my DD for Christmas. It does have some lovely quilts that I am also going to consider for future projects.

  2. My Mom gave me that calendar for Christmas. I love it... Pretty ones.

  3. Cute Calendars. This year I have one from Oregon, but I usually get a quilty one.

    I love the little dolls on the table runner. Nice piecework too, but the dolls just make it! :)

  4. Love your table runner. The dolls are gorgeous.

  5. Great table runner! ...I had one of those dolls at a point in my childhood as well - they were fun :o)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Beautiful table runner. I love the nesting dolls.

  7. I love the pattern of the table runner and my sister would just adore it as she loves those dolls. she has a few from india that my nan brought back with her lol

  8. Just found your blog. Love the table runner with the Russian dolls. My son and DIL are in the process of adopting a little girl, Anya, from Russia. I would love to find that pattern. I checked the web site you gave but didn't see a picture of the quilt. Also, I don't speak Norwegian so don't know if it said anything about the pattern! Do you have any other information? Thank you.

  9. Lovely table runner! I like your choice of fabric for the dolls! Keep well!


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