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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Waiting for winter...

Sorry I'm taking so long in between posts- life tend to get in the way some weeks... and for the past few weeks our Internet connection at the house has been down- driving us all crazy! This means I need to do all my blogging and reading at the shop- and I just can't find the time every day- sorry!
Anyhow, I'm staying happy and busy. I made this cozy polar bear and penguin quilt last week, I just love these fabrics. For the backing I used the border fabric. Now I'm thinking this would be a great quilt for one of the kids to snuggle under with a cup of hot chocolate this winter. The snow we got is gone (again), and the temperature is really nice for being October (It's that global warming I guess)
I've been working on some small Christmas stitheries as well, and I'm practicing stitching with a hoop-I've never done that before, and on Thursday is my class with Leanne Beasley, and we needed to bring a hoop (so I figured I should practice some before the class...). The stitcheries I'm working on now is from Northern Quilts, and they are just so cute, with Norwegian text and everything (Santa says "Have you been good this year" I will sew two small borders around them in red and white to make either four small wall hangings or one larger one. I'm thinking one hanging would be faster to sew, and then off to new projects...
And now, a word of wisdom...


  1. I love the back of the quilt! The stitcheries are cute too, I hope you really enjoy your class.

  2. That’s a really lovely wintery quilt. This morning there was ice on my car for the first time... It is 5 degrees today, after some lovely days of 15/16 degrees. Brrrr

  3. Det visdomsordet kan jeg godt skrive under på ja! Og det er ikke tull, en må faktisk ha ganske mange stoffer for å klare å sy noe som helst har jeg funnet ut. Når jeg blir inspirert må jeg sy der og da og ikke vente til jeg har fått handlet inn stoff...
    Quilten med isbjørner er jo helt fantastisk! Både foran og bak! Og sticheriene fra Northern Quilts er så flotte. Har aldri prøvd meg på sticheri selv. Men nå MÅ jeg snart få tid til det!

  4. The quilt definitely looks like one for snuggling under. Having a visit with Leanne sounds like such fun!

  5. You stitcheries are lovely! What type of marker do you use to trace your designs? Don't worry about posting! It's all about having fun! Keep well!


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