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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here I am....

I have not forgotten about you, I've just been very busy for a couple of weeks. School has started again, and Kini is in Jr. High, loving every minute of it (I am so thrilled)The boys are in 3rd and 5th grade this year, and still don't have a whole lot of homework, which they think is just fine,it gives them more time to play with their friends after school. The week before school started I had a class at the shop for six girls between 10 and 12 yrs. old. They were here for three hours two days in a row and sewed their own pencil cases, like the one Sigve made earlier this summer. I was so impressed with the girls, they worked really hard and finished their cases before the end of the second day. I'm planning new classes for that age group before Christmas :)
This last weekend I had a beginners class at the shop, and last night I started another beginners class. Tomorrow the Quilted handbag class will be starting, so as you might understand there is plenty to do, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Last Thursday a friend who has a yarn shop, and I went to Lillestrom for a big trade show, and I bought a lot of new fabrics and patterns for the shop, I just couldn't resist... I bought a line of Japanese Lecien fabrics when I saw this wonderful quilt made by Kristin Pollen. And today all these fabrics came to the shop, and they are just lovely. I just wish my wholesaler would send some shelves to put them on, I am running out of space LOL. I think I will have to make a quilt similar to this isn't it gorgeous? I also met Ann (AnnAKa) at the show, and a few other designers. AnnAKa's new Christmas patterns were at the show, and I now have them in the shop as well. I got started on one of them, a tree skirt right away, but got sidetracked yesterday with more bolts of fabric arriving at the shop.

Some of you have asked how I like being a shop owner, and I have to say I just love every minute of it! DH is loving it because I am so happy all the time (color therapy I call it, being at work LOL) It is a lot of work, especially since I still do the bookkeeping for DH's shop, I might have to reconsider that...

I wish I had something new to show you, Next post, I promise :)
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. How fun to se the girls smiling with their new pencil cases. Good you are recruiting new quilters.
    Thanks for the T-shirt I got from you.

  2. Looks like the class was a success! And the girls did great jobs :o) Happy to see you are enjoying yourself!

  3. Nice these pencil cases.

    Enjoy your new class shop, your works are so beautiful.

    ciao ciao

  4. Så bra at du har sykurs for de unge. De har jo så lite på skolen nå at de må lære slike ting på fritia. Sikker på at de stor kosa seg hos deg. Det ble dessverre ikke noen Tynset tur på hos i sommer.Håper det blir en tur til neste år :-)

  5. Glad you are enjoying the shop so much. Sounds wonderful.

  6. The pencil cases are fantastic, and each one different and unique. I love the Japanese fabrics, the purse pictured with the lovely star quilt (elongated hexagons) is great, too! Some manatees should be swimming into your mailbox soon (if they haven't already arrived)!

  7. That sounds like a wonderful class. I really liked the pencil case when you first showed it - what a nice idea to teach the girls with. I enrolled my daughter in a quilt class when she was younger, and the entire class got a lot more accomplished than I ever did in class! Maybe they don't chat as much? Or follow rules better?

  8. Sounds like you are really busy and the store is doing well!! Good to hear.

    The little girls look so cute and proud with their pencil cases. I love the star in a star quilt. Might need to put that on my "to do" list" LOL

  9. You are doing good. Cant wait to see the next move you do. Keep up the good work. See you around. Hugs

  10. I am so glad your girls class came together so well. It is nice to get that age group interested and focused enough to complete a project.
    I never did get my niece interested enough to try, maybe my younger nieces!

  11. It looks and sounds like you are having so much fun!

  12. I am glad I found your blog, I am also a shop owner and have been for 18 years, and I still love everything about it. Enjoy its a great way to spend each day.


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