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Friday, March 2, 2007

I am hooked...

On Monday there was a large package for me on top of our mailbox... And NO it wasn't fabric LOL (remember I wasn't buying fabric in February). I have seen a lot of you read the "Elm Creek quilt novels", and I've seen the author on Quilters News Network, so I hit Amazon and ordered a couple of her books. I didn't know where to start, so I got this sampler book with the three first books, and another one in paperback. I've been reading all week, and I have to say I'm hooked.... Sylvia Compson is a very interesting lady indeed, and I now have a sudden urge to start hand piecing (which I've claimed I was allergic to in the past...)

SOO I have no new work in progress to show you today, but I wanted to share our "key holder" that hangs in our hallway. We keep all our keys here, easy to find for all five of us. A few other items seem to be kept here as well, like our step counters and other odds and ends that just have nowhere else to go.

I made this a few years ago, and the kids weren't too happy about me using their favorite jeans (even though they had outgrown them by a couple of years at least)
But now they get to see their beloved jeans every day, and that's a lot better than boxing them up in the attic.

This weekend I will be going to Sweden with my husband. He is doing the Vasaloppet skirace on Sunday, a 90 km long race, so I will be the moral support and designated driver I guess. He's done it a few times before, but it's been 9 or 10 years since his last time. I'll let you know how he feels on Monday...


  1. You can count me in as a Jennifer Chiaverini fan also. I have all the books and love them all. I discovered "The Quilter's Apprentice in a quilt shop when it was newly published and bought it. Since then I have collected all of the series and can't wait until her next book comes out this spring. I've already pre-ordered it from amazon.com. I think the books are enjoyable being read in the order she wrote them juste because of the continuation in the characters' lives, although each book is a great story in itself. I met her last year at the Paducah quilt show at a booth where she signed a book for me.
    The jeans key holder is quite a creative piece. Great job! And enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. I've yust ordered on Amazon a Jennifer Chiavarini book, I don't know ..... but I'm so curious because I always read about her books and now I'm waiting.
    This quilt is very original and I like it. ciao ciao

  3. Oh, you will thoroughly enjoy all the books about Elm Creek Manor. Every year I wait for the next one - hopefully in April. I met Jennifer Chiaverini last year at the Quilt Festival in Chicago and she's delightful. She signed several books for me and chatted a bit.

  4. As you can tell from my blog I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Chiaverini :o) The novels are so heart warming, the stories are beautiful, and I'm sure you're going to love them!!! After reading them all (more than once) my favorites are Round Robin and The Runaway Quilt). Can hardly wait for The Quilters Homecoming in April *LOL*. Although I have never met her, I belong to a chat group she hostess, and she is a really nice lady :o) And if you haven't seen them she also has published two wonderful pattern books - beautiful quilts with inspiration from the novels. The patterns are beautiful, and the instructions are easy to follow. Enjoy the novels!

    The denim key holder looks like a wonderful idea, a very creative alternative to a key cabinet.

    Best of luck on Wasaloppet for your husband!

  5. Hei! Håpar det er ok at eg har lagt deg til lenkjesida mi!

  6. Very beautiful and original your job of jeans:))))
    Have a great weekend in Sweden, I know that competition, it is very long but beautiful!!!
    I love a lot the northern ski and the last years I made some competitions but then the children were born :))))

  7. Hei igjen! Blei nyskjerrig på dei bøkene du les, kan du fortelje litt meir kva dei går ut på? Var inne på Amazon og leita, men fann ikkje akkurat den du har bilde av. Har kanskje spurt før, men er det ok at du står på lenkelista mi?

  8. Hope you have a safe trip and that your husband isn't too sore afterwards.

    I haven't read the novels (can't get them here) but I have read the companion quilting pattern book that goes with it, you can make the quilts from the novels.

  9. Må berre seie at bestilling er sendt til Amazon. Gledar meg! Blir det toll å betale, tru?

  10. Although I usually like crime novels, I am hooked as well on J.Chiaverini. I have bought the book as you have and the follow up with some 3 more novels and I enjoyed all of them. Watch out, if you start hand sewing, you won´t be able to stop! Your key holder is very original and a great idea.

  11. I STILL haven't gotten those books, but every time I see them, I want them! Bad me.

    That key holder is AWESOME!! I won't show my kids, since they'll want one and my keys are in a little key holder from IKEA! :)


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