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Monday, September 8, 2014

A whole month??

A month since my last post??? Time sure flies!  I've been busy at work getting ready for the Norwegian Quilt Festival which will take place this Thursday- Sunday.  We'll have a booth there, and there is so much to think about and do to get everything ready.... Fun work though :-)
At our quilt guild we have a summer challenge every year, and this year the theme was " Something we need for a sewing night"  As usual I procrastinated until the last weekend before it was due to be shown to make anything.... So I decided to make a thread catcher (from the book Red Home by Natalie Bird) and a small pincushion.  Most of my pincushions are so "fat" my sewingneedles drown in them....

Between all the sample sewing for Festival I managed to make myself a new knitting needle keeper.  LOVE the sheep fabric!

This is what it looks like on the inside

I keep my bamboo and wood knitting needles in this one.  Still missing a few sizes I see...
In the mornings and late evenings I have been knitting myself a new sweater.... Lovely silk mohair yarn by Sandnes!  It should be finished in time for Fall!  Just the last sleeve left to knit now.
Hope your week will be great!  I'll be at the Quilt Festival, with the shop Lappemor, so If you're there please stop by!



  1. That little needle book is adorable -- I LOVE the sheepie fabric! And your sweater looks so soft and pretty -- I love the blue. Don't forget to show us when it's finished!!!

  2. So happy to see your post! Love the sheep fabric, great needle keeper. Your sweater is so lovely, the color is perfect. I wish you well and good luck with your booth at t he show. Hugs to all, Marie and family

  3. Time does fly these days. I love the knitting needle keep-- great idea to have one of them. All the best for the Norwegian Quilt show-- wish I was there to visit it.

  4. Speaking of being behind in blogland .... guilty myself! But, today I am catching up with blogging friends and maybe if time permit I'll do a post. Have lots to talk about .... ;)

    What a cute knitting needle keeper! That yarn looks scrumptious! I'm back into knitting. I did sternly tell myself that I would not start knitting again (was an avid knitter in my 20's with lots of sweaters under my belt) but alas I have. I'm presently knitting socks! I'm in love with hand knitted socks! Shawls looks like they are creeping in .... Sigh .... I did NOT need another hand project.


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