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Thursday, July 17, 2014

What did I buy in Florida?

Actually- not a whole lot...  I visited the cutest quilt shop in Key West called "The Seam Shoppe" and I just HAD to get these lovely tropical fabrics!  LOVE the Manatee fabric!  We had Manatees in the canal right in our backyard at the house we rented for our vacation, and I think they are gorgeous!  My husband does not agree with me, but oh well.... There was a dolphin visiting every morning as well, and sometimes in the evenings.  So much fun to watch him (or her) play by the docks.  Anyhow, if you ever go to Key West, the Seam Shoppe is well worth a visit, and Cindy, the owner is really sweet!  I also bought a bag pattern there called the Key Wester Tote.  Hopefully I will find time to make it soon :-)

And of course I HAD to get these "Frozen" ribbons at Wal-Mart.... ADORABLE!!!  I have NO idea where I am going to use them, but I am sure something will come up.....
That's it for now, I am still a bit jet lagged, so I need coffee and chocolate!
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  1. Haha -- those tropical fabrics are perfect souvenirs from Florida -- especially those pink flamingos LOL! I haven't seen the frozen ribbons before -- they're adorable!


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