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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time flies when you're having fun!

And I am having lots of fun making my blocks for AnnAKa's pattern " the Quilter's Christmas calendar"

I was falling behind, but last weekend Svein and Sigve were away for ski races again, so it was just Ola and me home.  Now Ola really doesn't want to "hang out" with his mom, so I got to do a lot of sewing.....

I didn't sew ALL of these over the weekend- some I had finished ( or almost finished) earlier.

I love these cute candy canes!

And I finally finished the little mouse sitting on the sewing machine as well....

The bucket still needs a little washcloth, but that will be added after the quilt top is sewn together.
Today block five arrived at the shop, so I better get that one finished sometime witin the next month.... Month 6 is the last pattern, so I should be finished by December 1st. don't you think?
I am heading up to the sewingroom- I am in the mood to sew tonight (again)
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  1. Hello, A very late Birthday wish for Ola from all of us. I love this work your doing now, so cheery.Just looked at clock and it is time for me to go and pick up Faith. Love to all, Marie

  2. Fabulous blocks.Love them all!!

  3. Cute blocks, and I love the fabrics you've chosen for it. I think you will be finished in plenty of time for Christmas.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics, love your blocks!

  5. Very cute! It looks like you are making great progress on your blocks too!

  6. I like the candy canes too but the red and white polka dot cup is so very cute and I think that is my first choice among these blocks.

  7. That is so sweet...I love the sewing machine block!

  8. Just love the pattern...and your work is so beautiful


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