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Friday, February 21, 2014

Quilters Christmas calendar quilt

This morning I have been reading blogs in my Feedly app on the iPad, and while trying to mark them as "read" after reading a few- they all got marked and disappeared from my list 😔 I won't make that mistake again.... I guess things do work a bit different on the ipad than on the computer.  Ola's computer broke a few months ago, so he has been using my computer.... Hence the lack of computer time.... So I have to explore what I can do with the iPad. Last night I wrote a post using an app called blogpress I think.... Then this morning I saw I had a " Blogger" app as well, so I am trying that one out right now. (Testing, testing...)
The block above is from AnnAKa's BOM, and it is part of block 3. I am working on the stitchery this morning, but it looks like it is about time to wake the boys up and get ready for work ( and school)
Hope you have a superduper Friday!


  1. It always takes a bit of time to figure out new technology. I like your BOM block. Is it a purchased BOM pattern?

  2. The stripe fabric makes a good spool of thread.

  3. Looks like you've been busy sewing -- even if you haven't been able to blog much. You have your priorities in the correct order LOL!


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