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Sunday, December 15, 2013

December days

Do you ever wonder why December days go by so much quicker than the days in all the other months of the year?  I still have a lot to do before Christmas, and I could really use a few days extra....
Today I am basting a small top before heading to work.  December means the shop is open Sundays for a few hours. 
Norwegian designer AnnAKa just released a new BOM called "the Quilter's Christmas calendar".  Block 1 came last week, and I just HAD to start it right away....

I haven't gotten any further, there are other things I need to finish before Christmas.... But it was fun to start it!

Yesterday we lost our sweet bunny Yuki.  When I went out to feed her, she was gone :-( She lives outside in an enclosure with pretty tall walls, but it looks like a fox got in there and took her.  Lots of blood  under the new snow :-(
Last night we lit a candle for her in her house.  I hope she didn't suffer very long.


  1. I like the design of the candle block. Do you know what the whole quilt will look like?

  2. So very sorry to hear about your bunny, I feel like we knew her as we have heard about her for a long while. Our family send many Christmas wishes to each of you and hope that after the first of the year things will be more normal for us to be busy too.
    Lorie is moving home from Ca. right after the first of the year and we are all excited .I know this is a good move for her. Looks like Claude will be relocating in June too hoping for North Fl. From our home to yours many good thoughts! Hugs. Marie

  3. Oh, poor Yuki! So sad story... Annaka's new BOM looks so fun that I have to order it - exactly I already visit your shop;o). And I have always wondered why day goes by so quickly in December... it's really odd!

  4. Poor little Yuki. We have had the same thing happen, and it's very sad. I do like the project at the top of your post. If you find those extra days can you share them with me please?

  5. Oh, how sad. I'm sorry to hear about your bunny. I hope you can find some extra days -- and if you do, I hope you'll share! ;-D

  6. that new BOM looks like it will be a lovely one Anne Heidi, and of course your work is always so great!
    Such sad news about your little Yuki... pets become such a part of the family... darn fox

  7. Poor thing...so sad when one loses a furry friend. Hope you still had a good Christmas.


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