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Monday, November 18, 2013

New projects and an almost finished snowman....

I am on a roll getting projects finished!  I have quilted the snowman wall hanging, now I just need to sew the binding and hanging sleeeve on. ( And the label of course!) At least I know it will be done in time for Christmas!

But like always, when I finish up a project I seem to start three new ones (at least!!!)  Remember the apron I was so excited about making?  Well, the pattern and fabrics are now on the bottom of this pile of new projects I want to make.....

And on this table I count no less than 4 projects already started.....  I really need to focus!!!!! But the projects are all so cute, and fun.... How do I choose???


  1. Your sew busy. but I love seeing all you do. Enjoy your Holidays. Marie

  2. It is hard to choose when the projects are all so tempting. Nice fabrics peeking out of those piles.

  3. I have no tips on how to choose -- So Many Fabulous Projects -- So Little Time. It's so sad! On the other hand, I LOVE that cute little snowman peeking out from those blocks!


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