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Monday, June 10, 2013

We have been rearranging...

Our house.... Well, the kids and I have..... Svein went to Oslo for the weekend to be at my brother's bachelor party.... So the kids and I had a blast switching a few rooms around.....
This was the landing upstairs, outside my sewing room, the boys' rooms and a bathroom.  It used to be our "office space" or "computer room", but now we all have our laptops and iPads, so there is no need for a computer room anymore.

So as you can see, this room was just full of clutter, like VHS tapes and kids books ( LITTLE kids' books...)

Now this was Sigve's (Mr. 16) room.  But he has his computer and PlayStation in our downstairs living room, and he also sleeps there in the summertime since he thinks it gets too hot upstairs.  So his room was not really in use anymore ( notice my friendship braid row on his bed :-))

Ta dah.... This is now our upstairs living room.  We brought the couch from downstairs ( and it was HEAVY.... up two flights of stairs....)

 I really love this room now.  It is right outside my sewing room as well :-)
See- there is my sewing room door....

And here is Sigve's old room.  We turned it into our own gym! All the training equipment was downstairs in what is now Sigve's room, now we have our very own gym.  All I need is a TV so I can put on my Zumba DVDs... ;-)
And here is Sigve's new room, he has LOTS of space....

A very happy camper indeed!
Oh and I have been sewing a bit as well.  I finally finished my wall hanging- yeeey!
Thank you for stopping by, I hope I didn't bore to too much with the interior pictures- oh and by the way- Svein really liked how the rooms turned out!


  1. It's so much fun to move rooms around. I love your new upstairs living room, it's very inviting.

  2. The new room arrangements look wonderful.

  3. Change is good - especially if everyone likes it.

  4. Så fint det ble. Jeg trenger å gjøre noe lignende.

  5. The 'new' rooms look great - very good use of the space... as long as your sewing room has not been re-purposed!!


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