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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I am ready for July!

In January I was sure I'd be making these cute calendar quilts every month this year.... yeah right!  So far I have made January and July....  The quilts are from the book "Count on it" by Art to Heart.  There is a mini quilt ( 12"x12") for each month, along with other neat stuff, like a birthday garland and countdown calendar.
The weather here is not really very summery, so I think the flip flops gives us an extra summery feel..... I just sent Ola to summer ski camp, and by the look of the forecast they will be water skiing instead of roller skiing.....  Kristine is leaving for Dallas to see her dad and mutti on Sunday, and it looks like she'll be the only one in the family who will get a proper summer!  The temperatures there is definitely above  60 degrees F.....
Kristine and Sigve both had graduations last week, and here is Kristine's group, graduating after 13 years of school- all ready for Universities or colleges....
Sigve's group, graduating after 10 years of school, ready for High School or Trade School.
This is 1/3 of their class, since they are divided into 3 groups where everyone in the same group has the same class schedule. ( the same for Kristine's group...).  As you can see we don't have the cap and gown here in Norway, but most of the girls wear their national costumes ( and some of the boys as well).
I hope your July will be warm and sunny!
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  1. Flip flops (we call them "thongs") in July?...not here in Australia... freezing cold here now. Great block... so cute.

  2. Lovin that little July quilt! O my, your kiddos are growing up so fast! ((((hugs)))) to my sweet friend Anne Heidi! xo


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