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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The kids are growing up....

And Kristine is a senior in High School this year.

On Friday the Senior class, or the "Russ" as they are called in Norway started their celebration of 13 years of school coming to an end.  They will wear their "Russe clothes" and celebrate (party) until May 17th....
They have cards like the one in the picture to give out to friends, and younger kids will collect these cards and see who can collect the most cards...
A lot of the kids have Russe cars, or buses they drive around in and party.... Kristine decided she didn't want to spend money on a car, so she has a "russebike"  I am so pleased with her decision! Since she doesn't drink she has been asked to drive one of the cars for some friends, so Friday night she was driving them around after their "Russe christening". 
As you can see in the pictures she has done a bit of painting on her russepants.  She loves to draw and paint, so she has been decorating her friend's pants as well :-) A nice way to make a bit of money....
I hope she has a fun and safe time, right now she'll be joining me at Ola's soccergame, and she is bringing lots of her cards to share with all the kids.
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  1. How lovely to hear what your daughter will be doing...hope she has fun!

  2. Sunda like lots of fun. Great pants and bike!

  3. Lykke til med russen i familien!
    Her hadde vi en slik i fjor, og hun var heller ikke på bil eller buss. Det koster for mye. De kan ha mye moro likevel!
    Så flink dattera di er til å tegne/male! Kanskje hun utdanner seg i den retning...? Kunstnerspire ;-)

  4. It is so good to hear of what Kristine is doand how she is celebrating..I know you all are very proud of her. How are the boys? We were talking of Ola and Faith the other day before she left for Spain for the Nations Cup. Mary was able to go with her. I am a very proud granny that she is competeing on a world level with her ice skating team.I plan to sew today, have't in such a long time.I hope that Faith will show me how to skype soon. Miss you lots. Hugs, Marie

  5. Russesykkel :) For en kjempeide....og fin er den også!

  6. It looks like wonderful end of schooling celebrations for your daughter Anne Heidi, I hope she enjoys it all!
    She sounds like a daughter to be proud of, and as her parents you should be pleased with how your guidance & support has shaped her.
    Congratulations Kristine!!

  7. Such a milestone when kids finish school... She looks very happy...and you sound very proud :o)


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