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Friday, January 18, 2013

quilt top finished!

I finished the quilt top!  The pattern is "Cheers me up" by Geoff's Mom patterns. I brought it to our Quilt guild meeting last night.  Since it's a bit cold here now we were only six ladies at the meeting, but we had a lovely evening!  The temperature has been -31 C for quite a while now (-24 F), so staying inside keeping the fire going in the fireplace is a priority.... At least I am getting some sewing done :-)

I started sewing scrappy trip around the world blocks at the meeting last night- maybe I'll make some more this weekend- I can see these are a bit addictive.... You can find the tutorial here on Bonnie's Quiltville page.
Hope your weekend is great- I'll be at home sewing blocks :-)
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  1. YOur top is fabulous.Wishing you a great weekend too.Happy sewing!

  2. Congratulations, what a great quilt. Enjoy your weekend by the fire......I wish it was snowing here.

  3. Gratulerer! Virkelig grunn til å være stolt ser jeg. Kjempeflott!

  4. Your quilt looks great, well done. Sounds like it is pretty chilly there, stay warm!

  5. Hei Anne Heidi
    Så utrolig flink du er - men det er jo gjerne slik at en får masse energi av å drive på med det en liker.
    Klem og god helg til deg (fortsatt kaldt, går jeg ut fra :)

    1. Takk Kari :-) Ja det er sant at man får energi av å drive med det man liker! Fortsatt kaldt her, men bare -26 nå. Svein og Sigve har dratt til Hamar på skirenn i dag, litt mildere der, men Ola ligger med feber så det ble ikke noe renn på ham.
      God helg til dere også! Klem.

  6. Gratulerer med ferdig top. Den ble bare kjempelekker :))
    Og scrappy blokken din er bare nydelig....falt totalt for den. Skal bli spennende å se den ferdig. Ha en riktig fin helg!! :D :D

  7. Love your quilt! It looks so warm and cozy...I just don't even know what to say about -24 degrees F...how do you ever get warm?

  8. Hei, så nydeleg quilt! Mykje fint på den butikken du linkar til. Har du boka For the love of the ninepatch? Den kunne eg tenke meg, ja!

  9. I like the fabrics in your scrappy trip. I've got my blocks made, just need to put them together.

  10. Anne Heidi it looks wonderful! The colours are fabulous, what a lot of work you have put into this... will you quilt it yourself?
    The scrappy trip sewing is very pretty too...

  11. Congratulations on your latest quilt top! It's beautiful!

  12. You have -31 and we have +35 what a contrast! I love the quilt top, the purple border is perfect, liking those colours together....enjoy snuggling in front of the fire with a quilt and some stitching...

  13. What a great quilt and beginning of a new one. Enjoy your sewing! XO c


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