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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home again!

 Actually I've been home again for a week- but I have been so busy I really haven't had any computer time at all!
Houston was great!  So many talented designers with loads of wonderful patterns and designs to buy!
Here is Gail Pan's booth.  She has wonderful patterns with stitchery and applique- I just LOVE her patterns!!!  And she is such a sweetheart- we had a lot of fun!

Another booth- this is "Oh my bloomin' threads".  we have a couple of their patterns at the shop, and it was fun to see them all stitched up!
I do have lots of pictures, and I will share more later....

In between all the walking and shopping we needed to eat!  Here we are enjoying lunch outside.  This is the day after Market ended I think, we had a lovely day just relaxing in the park.

After a long flight home- through Newark ( we flew home the day it opened again after Hurricane Sandy), this is how my suitcase looked when I got it back..... I was very lucky- nothing had broken inside!
I do wonder how it ended up like this though.....  Scandinavian Airlines were very helpful and gave me a new suitcase on the spot, so I left this one at the airport! 
I better get going, hope you have a super day, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. nice to hear you had a great time away............

  2. Hei. Tror jammen du hadde det fint ☺Gleder meg til å få se hvilke skatter du fikk med deg hjem.klem :-)

  3. Houston sounds very exciting-- would love to see the quilt show there one day. Your bag is unbelievable! Good thing everything in it stayed intact.

  4. I would so liked to have met...I never saw you, though...I think this market I was feeling rushed all the time! I can't believe your suitcase got so destroyed in traveling, either...

  5. Wow the suitcase did it's job in protecting your things...but somebody didn't do there job getting it from A to B! What did it meet...an elephant?

    Glad you had a good time :o)


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