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Friday, October 12, 2012

Great Granny squares

 I have had so much fun making great granny blocks!  There is just just something about sorting through lots of happy cheerful fabrics that gets me in a good mood!  I have no idea how many of these I'll make- but I'll keep going until I have a few more.
 Sorting through my fabrics made me realize I have a lot of scraps in my scrap basket that I will never use- so I boxed up my scraps (large and small) and went by the boy's school to give it to their arts and crafts department.  The school doesn't have a lot of "new" fabrics- and in my mind the kids (young adults) will enjoy working with good quality fabrics a lot more than the cheap stuff the school needs to buy, so maybe some of them will keep sewing and we'll get some new quilters..... ( I checked with the teacher first to see if they needed fabric, and she was thrilled to receive my scraps). Now I feel so much better bringing home more new fabrics.... LOL

Tuesday was DH's birthday, (a big one- with a o at the end... and a 5 in front of it....) and Kristine made these super yummy cupcakes- they were delicious!! You can find the recipe for the cupcakes here and the frosting here.
Today I need to prepare for a block night the shop is hosting on Wednesday, so I have blocks to sew and patterns to write!
Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love those blocks, so bright! Those cup cakes look delicious, happy birthday to D H . What a great thing to do with your scraps.

  2. Very generous with your scraps.....I don't think I could part with mine. I said hi to Gail for you tonight - she is looking forward to seeing you at Houston.

  3. Oh they will have fun with those scraps. Love your granny blocks they look lovely!

  4. Herlige blokker! Gleder meg til å se mer!
    Ha en fortsatt flott helg :-)

  5. I love your granny blocks framed in black. They are beautiful!


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