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Monday, May 21, 2012

Kristine's bunad

Still too busy to do any serious sewing here..... So I'll just show you Kristine in her new bunad (national costume). I just finished it last week (another lady sewed the red top).
This Saturday is Sigve's confirmation, and I've been busy getting everything ready for his party. We'll be 33 for dinner...... and cakes...... I am very lucky to have great friends helping me out baking and working in the kitchen :-)
Preparing for his big day I've been going through lots of pictures- so here's another one of him from waaaaay back.  I think he was 3 years old here.... 
Hope to be back with a quilt related post soon! 
By the way, how do you like my new blog header and background? 


  1. I love your national costumes--- they are beautiful and it is lovely to see the young ones continue the tradition. Best wishes for Sigve's confirmation and have an enjoyable dinner party.

  2. El vestido nacional es muy bonito y tu hija esta muy guapa,pasarlo muy bien en la confirmación,besos

  3. Din nye header er kjempefin! Det er også din datters bunad. Så flink du er som syr bunad - det er mye arbeid.
    Lykke til med sønnens konfirmasjon!


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