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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to "normal"

Yesterday was "back to normal" after Sigve's Confirmation celebration on Saturday and Sunday. 
I found my running shoes and made this year's first trip up to "Havern" , a peak right by our house.  It takes me a little over an hour to walk briskly up and run back home.  The path going up is quite steep so there is NO WAY I could run it...... The reason I decided it was time to start running again was this:

The dessert and cake table at the party on Saturday..... And there certainly are LOTS of leftovers......

After my run I headed for my sewing room and got it cleaned up a bit before I got this new pattern out. We got it at the shop last week and I wanted to try to make a monkey coin purse- aren't they cute?  They sure look cute on the pattern- not sure I can make one this cute though....

I decided on an orange monkey.... The fabric with the spots is a Batik. 

Here is half the monkey face almost finished- I think this might have been the easy part- I'll let you know how the rest goes- hope to do some sewing today as well- I am lucky and have the day off :-)
Thanks for stopping by- have a great day!


  1. Love the view of your run. Looks like you all had plenty of the good stuf for the party too. Miss seeing you guys, those kids are growing up too fast. Hugs, M PS that little monkey is really cute

  2. I feel like I could run right now ..... but only to that dessert table and indulge! ha ha
    I tried out Wordpress but decided it wasn't for me so I'm still here on Blogger.
    Wishing you a great week! xo

  3. Søte små apekatter...
    Liker nok best bloger, men følger deg også på Wordpress en stund, for å se hvordan jeg liker det formatet ;-)

  4. I am glad the confirmation went well...now for some stitching time! You have such a cute start for your project!


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