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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SSCS arrived!

When I came home from work today there was a parcel waiting for me...

How exciting- my Secret Santa swap parcel had arrived already. 

When I opened it, this was inside.

Two lovely presents- one wit the ornament and one to put under the tree.... And I have a very sneaky Secret Santa- she didn't write her name or blog on the cards.... She did write her return address though- so I think I know who you are..... from Chookyblue's blog list of Secret Santas.... But I'm not sure.

And here are the ornaments- they are adorable!!  Thank you so much secret Santa!  And just so you know- The other gift is safely hidden away until Christmas Eve...

Since tomorrow is December first I had to get our advent calendars ready.  For the first time since I was 15 i have a calendar as well!  Yeeeeyyyy! Our quilt guild had an advent calendar trade- and we all brought 24 wrapped quilty gifts to our last meeting- and the g gifts were all mixed up and divided out again,so we went home with 24 different gifts.

Here is Sigve and Ola's calendar- My aunt made it for the kids about 12-13 years ago I think- I love the angel choir- so pretty!  Kristine has a different calendar this year- No picture..... sorry!
Hope everyone has a great December 1st!


  1. lovely ornaments........sneaky Santa.......goodluck working it out on the address.........so who do you think it is..........not that I will tell you yet if you are right........

    oh and I love my ornament........thanks heaps for the parcel............

  2. Just found your Blog from Chookys post
    Enjoyed my visit and love the ornament you sent to her

  3. lovely parcel and cute ordaments

  4. What a great idea. Can you share with us some of the gifts that are int he parcels?


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