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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am getting ready for advent.

This year our quilt guild is hosting an advent calendar swap.  Each of us (who wanted to participate) made 24 advent gifts, and at our meeting yesterday everyone swapped gifts so we all went home with gifts from everybody else in the swap.  I am so excited!  Now I just have to get the kids' calendar gifts and get their calendars finished.... Something tells me it will be a lot harder to find 24 little gifts for a 12, 14, and 17 year old than 24 quilty gifts.....

Sticking with the advent theme I started an advent table runner from the last issue of My Quilt magazine, the colors show up a bit wrong here, but I'll show you when it's all done ( Hopefully before Christmas sometime...).

I passed the flower shop on my way home today, and couldn't resist this pretty pointsetta- it's such a nice shade of light pink- I've never seen them in this color before!
Tomorrow Kristine and I will be going on our monthly roadtrip to Trondheim to see her orthodonist- And to do some shopping.... I think we'll be going to IKEA this time!
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  1. Love te Christmasy things your doing. Can I send you some advent things??
    Let me know. Have fun shopping. The pink is beautiful Love it. HUgs, Marie

  2. I used to do the little gifts for my grand-daughter when she was young. Hard to find all those little gifts that don't add up too much in cost. And you have to buy for three.


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