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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A sewingroom make over in progress

I am changing out some of the shelves in my sewing room, I really hope this will be an improvement, but then again I might be wrong.... My husband seem to think I will change it again in a year or two (he might be right about that LOL)
Anyhow- here is one of my new shelves- at the moment it contains my WIP's and UFO's... AND some cd's that I like to listen to while I sew.
Now some of these ufo's are actually just blocks- all different fabrics and colors- I have no idea what to do with them, any suggestions?  Or maybe you would like to "inherit" them?  I'd be extremely happy to donate these blocks to anyone who would like them!  There are about 10-15 different blocks there!  Just leave a comment if you would like them, and let me know! I'll mail them anywhere in the world!

Before I started to tear apart my sewingroom I finished this little wristlet. I used a pattern from Pink Sand Beach Design- easy to make and quick!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll take some more pictures of my sewingroom when it looks presentable :-)


  1. Alltid gøy å ordne opp på syrommet. Så fin liten veske du har sydd. Skal vel brukes på årsmøtet tenker jeg :) Har du det mønsteret i butikken din??

  2. Flink du er som ordner opp på syrommet. Efaringsmessig bruker det å dukke opp noe du har glemt at du hadde.

    Arver gjerne blokkene dine. Syns det kan være spennende å bruke stoffer og farger jeg ikke vanligvis bruker.

    Ha en flott helg.

    Klem fra Anne

  3. Deilig og få ryddet og ordnet litt på syrommet - blir så deilig og sette seg ned når ting er i orden.
    Ønsker deg en strålende helg

  4. Very nice for you!! Miss you.I am sitting here at the Marriott withFaith, MaryLisa andRay waiting to go to airport in Ft Lauderdale to PU Lisa and Katie and Alex. Tomorrowis themeet. Did you getthe pic I sent for you todownload for Ola? If not I will try to send it when we get back homeHave a greatweekend love you!

  5. Så kjekt med litt forandring på syrommet! Blir sikkert fint :o) Har du lapper til overs tar jeg gjerne imot!

  6. I need to work on organizing my sewing room too...it' will be fun to see the progress on yours! I love that Pink Sand bag pattern, too...it's really fun to make!

  7. As someone who has in the last two weeks completely pulled her sewing room apart and put it back together it is so worth the effort...I'm loving having a more useable space...looking forward to seeing your new space...for your blocks what about using them as the basis for journal covers or block keepers or a pretty panel on the front of a bag...


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