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Friday, January 21, 2011

UFO no. 1 and 2 finished

 All those UFO's got me a bit overwhelmed.... then all the sudden 7 more UFO's turned up in another box a few days ago.... How in the world did this happen?? I'm now up to around 30 UFO's....
So what's a girl to do???  Well, I still have the Bunad shirt to make- still working on the embroidery....
And I did finish two UFO's- yeey!  These 6 placemats are now finished and in use every day.
The other finish was a 4 block sample quilt I teach beginners at the shop.  All that was left to do was the binding and hangingsleeve.  So at least I've finished two of the UFO's on my list.
I hope to get more sewing done this weekend, I have a horrible cold though, and my body aches, so I might not get much done at all.... It feels good to snuggle up in a quilt with a hot cup of tea and just relax.
Have a great weekend, and thank you for stopping by!


  1. YOur an amazing gal, a busy mom and stil can get so much done, I need tohave some of your energy!! Miss you all. Hugs, Marie

  2. Well done ... must feel good to finish some of those UFOs. Hope your cold gets better very soon.

  3. Så vakkert bunadskjortebroderi... og gratulerer med innhugget i ufo-haugen, flotte spisebrikker :)

  4. I am so sorry for your cold...hope you get better soon!! Such pretty place mats!!

  5. I hope feel better very soon. You have got a lot of UFO's but you cab cross off two of your list

  6. Oh, UFO's! They do pop up, don't they? I hope your are feeling better:))

  7. Thirty UFO, that's it?! lol As someone once said to me "you're just a baby in the UFO department" lol I think I'm at that number too, so I'm still a baby! lol Hope you feel better! Cheers!

  8. Hopefully you are feeling better in the meantime. And probably you have finished another UFO by now. I often wonder where all these UFOs suddenly come from ;-) ! I also found several ones which I already had forgotten :-) !!
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