Hand applique

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


is what was in my sewing box.....
 I decided it was time to tidy it today.... Can you believe all this stuff.....
 It was all inside my lovely sewing box, made by my Grandfather for my Grandmother in the '40's.  My Grandfather was a skilled carpenter, and made lots of beautiful furniture, and I am so happy to have this sewing box as a memory.
Now all my stuff is cleaned out, and I can add the supplies I use the most, and keep my ongoing hand sewing projects there, so they are close by!
I told you I was going to sew some of these blocks from Moda Bake Shop.  I had a bunch of 30's charm squares, and decided to use them for these blocks.  I'm not sure how many I'll make, but I really like this block, so I hope I have enough squares for a decent size lap quilt.

And My Halloween quilt is done, Now I am (almost) ready for Halloween....  We'll be in Florida in October, so I know there will be some Halloweenish activities going on.... Can't wait!
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  1. Your clutter looks a lot like mine!

  2. That’s some awesome sewing box. How wonderful it’s made by your Grandfather!

    Love your square blocks and the Halloween quilt. Florida in October... that means lovely weather!

  3. Your sewing box is beautiful & very precious...a treasured memento. Sewing boxes have messy fairies in them I have decided as I can't be that messy...can I?

  4. What a lovely sewing box! How special!

  5. That is a beautiful box that was made for you . Your halloween quilt is fantastic .


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