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Sunday, July 25, 2010

More finishes

I am thrilled to add three more projects to my "finished" list. (I don't actually have a list- but it does feel great to have finished them...)
This first quilt is "Laila's garden" by Gail Pan.  I made it from a layer cake and a jelly roll- All Mary Engelbreit fabrics- so cheery and bright.  There is a lot of fabric left over, so I might just make some placemats.  I am planning on hanging this quilt in the kitchen.  This quilt was started in the class with Gail and Leanne at Quiltegaarden in September, so it didn't take me THAT long to finish it....

The next finish is a table runner. I made the stars this past winter, but I didn't put the borders on until now...

And last but not least- this wallhanging was made in a class with Bente Vold Klausen back in 2003 I believe.... and it has been at the bottom of my UFO box ever since (along with that robot quilt...)
It feels great to have all these quilts finished, and I am determined to keep going with my ufo's until they are all GONE!!!  There are a couple I am not sure about though.  Projects that I have started, and then they just don't give me anything- I don't enjoy working on them- so I might just toss them- what do you think??
When I studied photography, my friend and I used to refer to those great moments when everything in a shoot worked out great as a "photoflutter"- And I think I need my quiltingprojects to give me "quiltingflutters" - A moment of pure joy when everything comes together just perfectly to please the viewer, or the maker. Does that make any sense at all?
Tomorrow the kids and I are off to see my brother in Oslo- I'll have to get my block 4 of "Le Jardin" ready for the hand applique so I can bring it with me...
Thank you for stopping by, have a great day!


  1. Well done!! Especially love your "Laila's Garden" Quilt! It's gorgeous!

  2. Mye lekkert her i bloggen din. Laila`s Garden falt jeg virkelig for.
    Ha en fin dag

  3. Your quilts give me the flutters, I do love the term. Well done!! I have gone through periods of tossing old unfinished projects that no longer interest me. I have, actually, given them to other quilters who did want to finish them... a win-win! Have a nice visit in Oslo.

  4. They are all lovely - well done. I am thinking of putting a couple of UFO's on Ebay - I've done it before and at least they are gone to a home where they have a chance of getting finished. I have lots of projects that don't give me flutters any longer xx

  5. Eg er imponert. Her går det virkelig unna. Flotte produkt. Helsing Jofrid

  6. I am glad for your flutters! That is so great that you are just knocking those UFO's out...beautiful quilts!

  7. Woah what a lot of finished projects, you want to finish all!!!! Good luck. I like what you make.

  8. Härligt jobbat.... med allt !!! Så kul att äntligen få se den färdig... ;o))) Lailas Garden menar jag...:o)

  9. Lailas garden ble så flott - herlig å se hvor forskjellige disse teppene blir ut fra farvevalget.

  10. Been catching up on your blog tonight .. lots of lovely things to see. Love your Laila's Quilt and your Rural Jardin blocks are looking lovely.


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