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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kristine's quilt, her bag, and a new machine...

Remember this spring I showed Kristine working on a school arts and craft project?  I have been meaning to show you her finished quilt, but we never got around to take pictures until today....
This was her main project after Christmas, and I think she did a great job.  This is her first quilt, and she designed it herself.  She loves to draw, and the stitcheries are her own "characters" that she loves to draw.  I think they look like her and her two brothers....
Here is a closeup of the stitheries.

It got a bit cold waiting.... I was taking pictures of other finished quilts as well. I'll post them tomorrow!
Kristine loves her quilt, and now she set up her sewingmachine with a cutting mat, rotary cutter and rulers next to it on her big workingtable in her room- Mommy's very happy!!!!

Here's Kristine with her new bag- I finished it for her the other day, and she was happy to use it yesterday when the kids and I went on a roadtrip to Funäsdalen in Sweden.  We live an hour from the border, and we go downhill skiing there in the winter, but I've never been there in the summertime before.  Well, I found out they have a mountain summermarket there on Wednesdays, so we decided to get out of the house for the day.  We had lots of fun, did some groceryshopping, and then I found this:

I have always wanted a treadle machine, and this one was just waiting for me I think....

Now I need to find out what model it is, and get the instructionmanual- I don't even know how to thread it....
I found out from the serial number it was produced in 1925- i wonder if it will work...???  And the best part of it?  It cost me 200 Swedish kroners, or $30... Can you believe it???
Well, I am off to finish more UFO's- FUN!!


  1. I actually have a similar machine! I bought it for 100 NOK too many years ago, mostly for decoration. When my old sewing machine said goodbye one night, I tried to fix the old Singer. Turned out the only thing it needed was to be oiled! These old machines are solid. I used it for years, making quilts. The treadling (?) is quite soothing, actually:) Good luck, I hope you have as much joy with this as I had.

  2. Wonderful find...:o)) Lucky you!!
    Been in Funäsdalen when I lived in Östersund... beautiful place... think I was there when they built the museum.... Lovely new quilt and bag!!! :o)

  3. The original stitcheries in the quilt are very creative. I know the artist has to be very proud of her quilt.

    Your sewing machine find was a very good buy. I hope you can get it all figured out and make a little quilt on it.

  4. Ført - gratulerer til datra med en superflott quilt. Kanskje hun skal lage flere tegninger og gi ut stitchery-mønster?

    Og så den symaskina da - akkurat en slik som jeg var dum nok til å kvitte meg med da jeg var 22 år , og nettopp hadde fått farmors gamle maskin i hus. Men jeg hadde jo en mye bedre symaskin, så denne hadde jeg da ikke bruk for. På den tiden var det veldig populært å lage bord av understellet på slike maskiner, så jeg antar den gikk til det bruket.


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