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Monday, June 28, 2010

Staying busy...

June has been so busy, I really haven't had any time to blog or even be on the computer much.... End of the schoolyear always means a lot of get togethers, and I really enjoy them all, it is just time consuming.
This year Sigve finished 7th grade, and he'll be off to Jr. High in the fall.  His class had a historic play about our town which was really nice.  He didn't enjoy all the rehersals that much though.... And now he is very happy to be out of grade school.....
Such a happy kid!
Kristine finished Jr. High and is off to High School next year. This is her class at their graduation.  To give you an idea about our midnight sun, this picture was taken at 11PM after they were all done!!!

After school was out the marching band went on a weekend trip to a band meet in Buvika outside Trondheim, and I went along as well.  Ola plays drums, and all the drummers had a great Stomp seminar.  I'll try to add a short video here, so you can hear for yourself!

I need to find out how to add video again. I've done it before, but the video button seems to be missing in blogger.... hmmmm

Anyhow, there has been sewing and knitting going on, but no pictures yet- sorry!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You have been busy! Can't believe how light it is at 11 p.m...my kids would never want to go to bed if it were that light that late here!


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