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Sunday, May 30, 2010

More bags please.....

Ok, so you already know I am a bagoholic.... In the past couple of weeks I've made two bags and a backpack.  Of course it was about time since it has been MONTHS since my last bag, and I was overdue for a new one.  Now all those three new bags are at the shop as samples, so I am not using them yet, but I am on a bag roll.... two more bags are in the making- One is from Cinderberry Stitches- The Paris Collection. I have almost finished the stitchery:

I still haven't decided which fabrics to use on this bag, but I'll have to decide soon since the stitchery is almost finished.
The other bag is the Nowra bag from Bronwyn Hayes. I have decided on these fabrics from the "Make life..." collection by Sweetwater for Moda
The applique pieces are almost done (cut out that is...)

There is still a lot of work left on this one, but I think it will be fun!
Now I am off to stitch the last little bird for the Paris bag, then I need to find some fabrics to use...
Thanks for stopping by,

I just want to add this picture- DH and the boys just got back in from a bikeride up the mountain .... guess I'll have to hose them down and do some laundry.....



  1. Lovely bags and beautiful children of course I would love them. Getting ready to go to Meg O'Malley's for Mary Lisa's birthday . Wish you were coming home for the summer can't wait for a good visit with you. Of course a trip to NOrway would be great then I could visit your shop!! That would be a real Treat. Have a beautiful day. Hugs to all, Marie

  2. Love that "motorbike" applique...I hope you share more of that as you progress. Will you be stitching it on the machine or by hand?

  3. Ooh you are going to amke the Nowra bag. The pattern just arrived at my door. I'm also a bagoholic. I like teh pitcure of your son.

  4. Your stitchery is always fun to see! Love the picture of your boys, too.


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