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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Block 1 finished!

I don't think I have mentioned we have a new BOM at the shop.  Since we finished our Fairytale BOM we needed a new one.  Now at the shop we make BOM clubs, which means we meet once a month to work on our block together.  This way we all encourage each other to move on and finish our blocks, and besides it gives us a great excuse for a fun evening with sewing and chatting.
While we were in Houston in October we decided our next BOM would be "Le Jardin" from Bunny Hill Design.  All three of us fell in love with Anne's wonderful quilt, and I am so excited to have block one finished! Tonight is our second meeting for the "Le Jardin club", and I am so happy to have block two ready to start applique.  Here's my first block.  Now I have not done a lot of hand applique before, so I am sure I will see some progress along the way (I hope...)

This has been another long weekend, and I did finish a backpack from a new pattern by Bente Malm. It was a great pattern to follow, nice easy to understand instructions, and it didn't take as long as I had imagined.  It even has a sepatate pocket for a lap top inside, and I was joking with my husband about needing my own laptop again since I had made the backpack... LOL  He didn't agree though..... Oh well.


  1. Så flott den ble.
    Du har valgt spennende stoff.
    Kan skjønne du trenger din egen labtop når du har så flott sekk :-))))

  2. Great BOM...love French General.

  3. Love bunny HIll's work, so glad you decided on it for your BOM. I think th ings are beginning to slow down and we can see a little daylight, maybe I can begin to do the things I want. Blue skies to you , Hugs, MArie

  4. I love your applique work! Great use of the French General fabrics!!

    Gorgeous backpack too Anne Heidi!

  5. Great bag. I need this pattern! I clicked on the link for Bente's site, but I couldn't understand the language and couldn't figure out where or how to order from her. Help? ~karen


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