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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and some sewing

I thougt I'd start off showing you the Halloween cookies Kini and Ola made. They had a lot of fun in the kitchen, and the cookies turned out really good.

Playing around with the Halloween props...

Sweet sugar cookies.....

Now onto some quilty business... I have a few of these "Billy" bookshelves from IKEA. Now they are all filled with fabrics, fabrics and more fabrics.  I always like to play with the newest fabrics first- make something out of them before they are in the "old fabrics" category (they are more fun when they are new...) but today I decided I need to use some of my older fabrics to make more room for new stuff.  SO I pulled out most of my blue fabrics from this one shelf, and made 2 1/2" strips, sewed strip sets and made lots of 9patches.

There is still a lot of blue fabrics left, but I've had a blast today, busting some of my stash.... I think I need about 130 9patches, so I'm only about half way through.

This is what is waiting for me to find more room.... my Houston goodies.... I have no idea where to start, I came home with lots of fun projects... but I know there is a kit for a snowman quilt in there somewhere- maybe I'll have time to make it before Christmas???


  1. I don't know which looks better. The cookies or the fabric!!

  2. Love the cookies and the fabric too. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marie

  3. OHOI, her hadde du mange godbiter ja. Var sikkert en opplevelse å være i Houston - har sett bilder og det virker enestående. Ønsker deg en kreativ og flott dag.

  4. hermoso todo lo que haces un beso http://pintarmatiz.blogspot.com

  5. the cookies look yummy. and i love your blue nine patches. wondering what you're going to do with them..


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