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Monday, May 25, 2009

sewing up a storm

It is such a beautiful day today. The sun is shining and the temperature is pretty good too. I was planning on sitting in the garden stitching on my secret project since it is my day off, but there was a change of plans.... Both Kristine and Sigve are staying home from school sick, so my secret project has to stay hidden, and the morning was spent at the doctors office and at the hospital with Kristine for x rays. They didn't find anything, so I hope she'll get better soon. At least there's nothing major going on. She was sent home from school sick on Friday, so she's getting tired of being sick....
Since my secret sewing has been "in the closet" for the weekend, I decided to make some confirmation gifts for Kristine's friends ( I hope they don't read my blog....). These are called "Annas sminkepung" (Anna's make up bag) and are from a pattern by AnnAKa.

I have made 12 of them, well, there are 10 in the photo, but the last two are just finished now. I just had to get the picture while the sun was out.
I noticed my flowers are starting to bloom as well- Can't wait for the poppy to bloom :)
I might be "missing in action" the next couple of weeks until the confirmation is over...
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  1. Plans can so easily get changed when we're moms. I hope your sweet daughter is all better very soon. The photo shows the pretty results of your work and they are great.

  2. Sweet bags for the girls. Sure hope Krisine and Sigve are feeling much better.Faith sends her hi's to Ola. she will be spending tomorrow with me quilting. We really enjoyed Claude's visit and I told him your message and he sends his best back to our family too. Hugs, marie

  3. Sorry to hear you have 'sickies' in the house, hope they are soon well again. Love the confirmation presents you've made, what a lovely thing to do. Looking forward to seeing confirmation photos.........enjoy the next few weeks preparing and finishing your secret project!!

  4. Your little bags are so cute! Take good care of the patients.

  5. My best to the girls! Wonderful bags and very pretty photos!

  6. your comment from Jerry looks bad...

    ...lovely bags......

  7. Wow, your bags turned out just wonderfully! I love to see them all out in the sun. Your flowers are very pretty.


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