Hand applique

Saturday, May 2, 2009

great mail!!

This week I have been very lucky, look at this lovely book Julie sent me. She had bought duplicates, and had a giveaway. I was the very lucky winner. There are so many wonderful quilts in here, I love it! Thank you so much Julie :-)

There's not a lot of sewing to show you. I am working on a few things, and here's a little peek at some secret sewing for a very special girl.... I love these pastels with cherries and bunnies....
Oh and I finished my ladybug pincushion, and as you can see it is alredy in use. She even got eyes.... (you just have to love those glass head pins LOL)
Well, I think I should join the rest of the family downstairs to watch a movie and eat candy.... I love Saturday nights!!!


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