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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun in the snow

We have plenty of snow, and Sigve and the boy next door have been making a ski jump between our houses.... Inspired by the world championships perhaps???

Sigve is certainly having fun, practicing his tricks.... Enjoy!


  1. Please tell him that looks like fun!! Thanks for posting more on the family. I need your snail address if you can send it to me. Thanks.Hugs, Marie

  2. Loved the snow video. My son was laughing watching it. That is some serious snow. And is that your house?? WOW!! Beautiful.

  3. I would have to enjoy the snow without wearing skis if I lived there but I do love winter and snow so I'm sure I could happily be doing other things, right?
    I've moved to a new blog address a while back so pay me a visit at my new one, ok? I'm missing you!
    I love that bag pictured in one of your recent posts, so cute.
    Connie W
    Cootie Bug 2 (my new blog name)

  4. Two lovely ski jumps, especially the last one!
    Nice to hear from you.

  5. A mi familia le encanta ver esas imagenes tan llenas de nieve porque les encanta el esqui, pero yo tengo ganas de mucho sol.......Besos


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