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Friday, May 16, 2008

Red, White and Blue.

Look at our proud boy with his birthday cake. He did a great job, and the cake was really good! I'm thinking he can continue baking for all our birthdays!
Here's a little table topper I made last week. With Independence day being tomorrow, I have decorated the shopwindows with red,white and blue. The colors of our flag.
Oh, and I've made some new handbags. Here's a blue one- to keep up with the theme here today.

The weather forcast for tomorrow is not great- +2C and a bit of snow. Kini will not be a happy camper in her twirling uniform, which is actually a cheerleader uniform and boots.... not your first choice of clothing in that kind of weather. I hope all of you will have a great weekend, and tomorrow you can shout "Hipp Hipp Hurra" for everyone in Norway celebrating.
Thank you for reading!


  1. Happy Independence Day. Love your birthday boy and his cake, great job.The table topper is really cute . tell Kristine to have warm thoughts as she is marching,you must be really proud of your sweet family. I am looking forward to summer and meeting them. Thanks for always sharing.

  2. Wonderful quilt!
    Red, white and blue, our national colours as well!
    Nice to see your big boy making his birthday cake!
    We had the most amazing warm wheather untill yesterday, the temperature dropped from 27C to 13C.. well that’s no snow.
    Happy Independence Day!

  3. We share the same national colors too but celebrate on July 4. That cake looks YUMMY! The quilt is so pretty. Have fun celebrating.

  4. What a great birthday cake. What a proud baker also. He is just adorable. He can make me a wonderful cake like that anytime. I love your table topper. I might just have to copy your idea for our 4th of July if you don't mind. Have a great independence day, it is my husbands birthday also.

  5. What a great Birthday cake! Happy Independance Day. My father was Norweigan so I will put my flag out this morning.

  6. love all the red white and blue in this post.........can you send some of the cake over.........

  7. Happy Independence Day. What a great job on the b'day cake. You have a baker in the making. The Red, white & blue quilt and blue purse are beautiful.

  8. Made it over here from the GW group! I *love* your blog! I'm bad about commenting, but I'll add you to my Google Reader and follow it. :D

    Your DS did a great job on his cake! It looks yummy!

    I can't imagine snow at this time of year - I live in central Texas, and it's already getting hot as heck here!

  9. Happy Independence Day to ya!!!! The birthday boy is adorable. Love that cake!!! Looks yummy.

  10. Amazing cake! Hope the birthday was fun. Love the pinwheels too! Happy Independence Day!

  11. Are you kidding? SNOW??? Oh, my husband would have a fit. He's complaining about 50 degrees here!

    That cake is AWESOME!!! I agree, he should be in charge of the cake baking at all birthdays. :)

    The little table topper is so cute.

  12. Happy birthday to your guy, and that cake looks so good and what a wonderful job! Cute, cute purse.
    Happy Independence Day.

  13. What a talented (& very cute) young man you have - the cake is fantastic! And I love your little bag. Have you used a particular pattern or did you make the design up yourself? Happy (belated) Independence Day.

  14. Very nice table topper. Love the red, white and blue.


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