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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I was supposed to be stitching away on Ava and her babies this past weekend- but I got sidetracked.... I was cutting fabrics for placemat kits at the shop on Saturday- and one of the kits wanted to come home with me.... of course I couldn't resist, so I started making placemats with this really funny not so capabele skier... (maybe it was from missing DH who was in Italy for a skirace...)I still haven't finished them- too many things going on at the moment with lots of work and kids having all sorts of practices and rehersals every night of the week.

Ola's room is right next to my sewingroom, and I've been telling him to tidy it up for WEEKS! (I am not kidding) the kid seems to be allergic to any kind of cleaning or even putting things where they belong in the first place- so finally on Sunday we got it cleaned up together. It looks so much better now- don't you think? It even looks like this today- 4 days later. He seems to be much better about putting his toys away when he's done playing with them now when the room is nice and tidy.

I just had to show you DD all dressed up for her first schooldance on Monday. She had a great time, and they danced all night long after their dinner. Now it is a year until their next dance.
Have a wonderful day- and thank you for reading!


  1. That’s when real life takes over the crafty fun! I love the skating penguin! A tidy room is a pleasure to keep tidy. I know. I should go and declutter again myself! Your daughter looks so adorable!

  2. She's beautiful!!! Great memories in the making... Love the penguin--- You'll have to share your pattern...

  3. The penguin is too cute! Kids will be kids. they live for clutter! Thank goodness they do out grow it. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love the skating penguin. He's adorable.

    Your son's room looks much better. Your DD is a good looking young lady. I'm glad she had fun at her first dance.

  5. I do not speak Norwegian, alas
    I love coming to your blog, and today I give you a reward well
    Deserved ... It is on my blog: http://bricolestextiles.canalblog.com/

  6. I love penguins! They are so cute! Did you want to come over and get my dd to tidy up her room? lol Your dd looks lovely!

  7. Anne
    I love the penquin place mats your doing
    I take it this is one of AnnAKa's patterns - oh how I wish they were available in english
    At least your not like my mum when our rooms needed tidying as kids if things got to far she'd just pile everything up in the middle of the floor!!!


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