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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A little bit of everything

First I have to show you these wonderful gifts I received yesterday from SammyJo over at Craft Cafe. She had a fun competition before Christmas where we could vote for THE Mr. Christmas, and I was the lucky winner of her draw :) Thank you so much Samantha, the needle keeper is just so pretty, and the fabrics and ribbon is wonderful! You are such a sweetheart!
Remember I told you I wanted to knit some new mittens for Kini? Here they are- mittens are fun to knit because they are not so big, and because of the pattern you just keep going and going and going (like the energizer bunny...) because it it fun to see the pattern grow.This pattern is an old "Selbu rose". ( just one more round honey, and I'll get supper started...) I finished them last Saturday when DH was away, and the kids had gone to bed- I watched "The Sound of Music" (love that movie!) and knitted until 1:30am. Not like my normal self who goes to bed at 10:30PM....I made her ear warmer/headband before Christmas. She got a new jacket- so of course she needed a headband and mittens to match it!
This is the view from my kitchen window above my working counter- we are getting a lot of snow this year (again) and I will be happy to share some of it with you.... I've already told Mari I'd send some of it her way...
Snow is fun though- although I think it will be a while before I get to hang my laundry outside to dry...
The bunnies don't mind the snow either...
With all the pretty white snow surrounding us I needed a splash of color- so when these fabrics arrived my Mom thouht they'd be perfect for placemats- I couldn't agree more and made some right away. They sure brighten my day!
Have a wonderful day, and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Each picture is beautiful. Love the knit mittens. I also like the new blog look.

  2. i love the mitttens and the place matts are very cool, could you send some snow my way please! LoL

  3. Those placemats are great, I love the colours. The view from your kitchen window is a true winter wonderland. What time of day was the photo taken?

  4. All sorts of goodies to show us today. The gifts you won are really nice. Those mittens are so pretty, as is the model. They look nice and warm. Your placemats are adorable too - nice and bright and cheery against the snowy backdrop.

  5. I like the mittens that seem difficult to do.
    and WONDERFUL pics.
    ciao ciao

  6. The mittens are gorgeous! You have more than your share of snow, but I'll let you keep it! The placemats are vibrant and inviting, nice! Thanks for sharing, the photos are just lovely, Anne Heidi.

  7. Fun, mailbox love! What a sweet gift. The mittens are fabulous and very snuggly looking. Hey, your backyard looks like our backyard. I love the snow! And those bright fabrics are wonderful!

  8. The mittens & placemats are terrific. Oh to have some of your snow. It has tried twice here, but not any to amount to anything.
    Have a good evening.


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