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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Staying Busy

This week has been different- The annual Town fair is this week- this being the last day. The street my shop is on is closed for traffic and is for pedestrians only. There are loads of people selling everything from cured meat sausages to Metallica t-shirts and candy lined up down the street, and at the end of the street is the "Doughnutman" He's here for the thirteenth year in a row now, and he has great doughnuts... The opening hours of the stores have been extended to 8 and 10pm, so today I feel pretty exhausted, and I am relieved next week is back to normal :) DH is in Spain at the moment (lucky guy...) He's at the Rally Catalonia on a job related trip, tomorrow the kids and I will pick him up at the airport and stay in Oslo for two days. DD has her allergy/Asthma checkup on Monday, and the kids are on school break all next week, so two days in the city will be wonderful.
With working long hours I managed to (almost)finish the Christmas tree quilt, only half of the binding left now, and I think I will do that in front of the TV tonight.
Thank you for stopping by- have a wonderful Weekend!


  1. That has been some busy week! The Christmas tree quilt is amazing! Enjoy your stay in Oslo.

  2. I love the picture of your shop from the outside. Very pretty quilts in the window. I'm sure they must draw in lots of customers. Such long hours you had to work this week, did you get lots of extra people coming in the shop because of the town fair? Love the Christmas tree skirt!!

  3. Looks like a fun weeken :o) Love the pic of your shop window!

    The tree skirt looks great!

  4. Your shop window is quite inviting, the tree skirt is fantastic; you do beautiful work!

  5. The front of your shop is lovely. I really like the quilts hanging in the window.

  6. Love your Christmas Tree skirt quilt. Where can I purchase the pattern? It really looks great. This might be a nice project for our Christmas workshop.
    Hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the town's fair. The shop looks great :)

  7. What a nice picture of the shop! Love your tree skirt! I haven't tackle one yet! I'm always afraid of making a mistake on the center hole! I know, it's silly! It's wonderful to read about the projects you make for the shop. The great part about it is that you get to keep them! Keep well!


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