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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Monday night sewing

I love Monday nights! A few quilting friends meet at the Junior High to sew, get inspiration and have fun (and then there's the chocolate LOL). Last night my Mom and I both started on a cute little place mat from the last quiltemagasinet magazine. The pattern is by AnnAKa ( I know you've all heard of her before...)and if you haven't, check out her web site, she makes wonderful patterns! I've already ordered some of them for my shop. I hope to finish this tonight, I will be appliqueing a ladybug on the flower, but she also included a bee applique, so I might make one with a bee later on.

I have also barely started on my 365 day quilt. I really need to work on my handwriting, it is not very pretty, but i guess that's just me. I still have 3 weeks of journaling to do to get to today... but it's all on my computer, ready to be written onto the fabric pieces. I hope I catch up within a couple of weeks LOL


  1. Your handwriting is beautiful...it's you...

  2. I have this same magazine next to my bed right now! Your placemat looks great. There are a few photos at the beginning that are just beautiful, especially the log cabin variation, something like 'ice breaking up'.

  3. Both your works are beautiful.
    nice the quilting retreat in the night
    Thanks for the links.
    ciao ciao

  4. Hi i am from Italy,Teodo's friend,i want to tell my best wishes for your shop!!!if you will be online tell us from Italy and we will buy from you!!


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