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Monday, April 30, 2007

I've been sewing.

This little wall hanging will be displayed in my shop window on May 17th. (Even though my shop won't be open yet) For my non Norwegian readers, May 17th is our Independence day. We have big parades with all the schoolchildren, and marching bands with twirlers. Everyone is all dressed up in their national costumes, called a "bunad". (not EVERYONE has a bunad, but those who do wear them) And we eat loads of ice cream and generally we just enjoy ourselves and have fun.
The kids carry whistles and little windmills in red,white and blue, and the wall hanging has three of these little windmills, and the words "hipp hipp hurra for 17. mai" will be embroidered. (the cheer the kids say in the parades)The pattern was in the last issue of Quiltemagasinet.

I've made a small stitchery as well,this is a pattern from Northern Quilts. I realize Christmas is almost 8 months away, but I wanted to try out a new thread I hadn't used before, and some new crayons to add a little colour, and this was just a perfect size for trying out these things.
It says "make a snowman" , but I am happy to tell you almost ALL our snow has melted now, finally! I guess summer will come this year too!


  1. both of these are so cute. :-) I've seen several things lately in blogland that have the crayon coloring on them. It's so pretty and delicate I think I need to try this myself.

  2. It must be fun getting to plan and think about all the preparations for your new shop and the window decorating...seasonal things and things you make...I know you are enjoying this time! How wonderful for you...I'm enjoying it along with you as you share little bits along the way. :)

  3. What a wonderful idea to have a quilt displayed! Love the snow person! Very cute! You know, just reading about your quitl shop is putting the spin in my wheels! I need to finish my last school paper and start writing a business plan! Keep well!

  4. Thanks for the story about the 17th of may.
    ciao ciao

  5. Both the snowman and the windmills are really cute.
    Happy independence day.

  6. Lovely samples. Your future customers will be treated to what's in store for them! Happy Independence Day!

  7. How exciting getting ready for the shop to open! Darling quilt and stitchery. I love the little "snowflakes" on the stitchery. :)


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